My Unexpected Path to Georgetown

My Unexpected Path to Georgetown

If you were raised in an upper — or middle — class family and your parents went to college, think about what your family and school counselors told you about college growing up.

You were likely told to start preparing for your college application in your junior year of high school, take advanced classes and participate in extracurricular activities to boost your resume. You may have been told that if you worked hard enough, you could go to any college you wanted.

Students like myself who grew up in lower-income families with parents that never attended college are often not expected to go to college and are thus unprepared.

We often do not know how to write a good personal statement or apply for financial aid until we fill out the application by ourselves. Without proper guidance and access to resources, low-income, first-generation students like myself not only face barriers to college, but often do not realize that college is an option for them. But persistence and a strong support system, like the Georgetown Scholarship Program, enable us to overcome these obstacles, even if we never expected ourselves to be here.